Who’s Behind Those Warby Parkers?


warby-parkerI was never an expensive sunglasses kind of gal until my daughter gave me a gift certificate for Warby Parker.  They are an eyewear company originating in New York with a fantastic customer focus and website.  You can order 5 different styles of glasses or sunglasses to try on and they will send them, you try them on, pick the pair you like and send the rest back or send them all back within 5 days and if you want to, order 5 more styles to try on.  Or the other option and the one I like the best, is you can upload a full on face photo of yourself into their website and see what different styles look like on.  Another great feature is you can include your eyeglass prescription for corrective lenses or just indicate what reading strength you would like for your sunglass or eyeglass lenses.  I ordered sunglasses with lenses that have a 2.75 reader strength.  So now I don’t have to constantly switch between my sunglasses and eye glasses when I want to read something, like the text messages on my I Phone.  Their eyeglasses start at $95.00.  My new sunglasses came quickly and cost less than $150.00.  They also donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair you purchase and they have a very interesting blog (as if all you have to do all day is read blogs).


I love my Warby Parkers so much I think I will order another pair


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