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IMG_0397Earlier this year I stepped on the scale and was shocked to see I had gained 22 lbs. I knew it was bad because I was having to wear my fat jeans. So I decided it was time to do something and I joined Weight Watchers. I had joined the WW online program a couple of times during the previous year but never could stay committed beyond a couple weeks. This time I decided to join their combination online/meeting program and have had better success. WW research has found that your weight loss is 8 times more successful if you attend meetings. I guess the reinforcement you get from hearing other people’s challenges with losing the pounds really does help. Another advantage I have found is you get a deeper understanding of how the program works than you do by winging it by yourself with the online program. It has been 13 weeks since I started the program and I have lost 16 lbs. with another 6 lbs. to go. The WW program is designed to allow you to have a somewhat normal life with occasional eating and drinking of items not considered diet food like cake and wine but being mindful the rest of the time of what you eat on a daily basis. Every food has a point value and most people get 26-28 points a day depending on your starting weight and heights. All fruits (even bananas) and vegetables (except avocados and potatoes) have zero points. So you can eat as much of those things as you want. In addition to your maximum daily points, you are allowed 49 extra points per week for indulgences like birthday cake, wine, special dinners out and general cravings like chocolate. You can also increase your weekly extra points with activity. I have found though that my weight loss isn’t as great if I use those extra allowed points. But there are times when special occasions happen and you can indulge and still lose weight.

I have had fun figuring out what real foods have the lowest point values and actually taste good. Here are a few of my favorites with their point values per serving:

Fruit – PV 0
Vegetables (except Avocados & Potatoes) – PV 0
Eggplant Dip – PV 0
Hummus – PV 2
Laughing Cow Lite cheese triangles – PV 1
Popped Wheat Thins – PV 3
Sandwich Thins – PV 3
PB2 (Dehydrated Peanut Butter) – PV 1
Lean Chicken & Turkey per oz. – PV 1
Shrimp per 3 oz. – PV 2
Plain Nonfat yogurt mixed w/Vanilla & Splenda – PV 3
Healthy Choice Fudge Bars – PV 2
Dole Banana Dippers, Chocolate covered – PV 2
Popcorn (plain) – PV 2

For most of us, losing weight is not easy but it can be a better experience with the tools and support that Weight Watchers offers.

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