Weekend in Lone Pine

I spent the weekend at our little yellow house in Lone Pine.


While my husband was doing his entrepreneurial thing in town, (it was the annual Lone Pine film festival this weekend), I spent my time doing household chores and gardening. As I looked out of each of our windows in the house, I was struck by the incredible 360 degree views we have. If I were a painter, I would have inspiration galore to paint the beautiful scenery surrounding our house. Through one of my kitchen windows, I have a view of the rugged rock formations of the Alabama Hills.


Through another of my kitchen windows, I can see all the way to the Owens Lake and on the a clear day beyond the Lake, I can see the top of the tree line of an artist community town named Keeler.


Out my bedroom window, I can see the majestic Sierra Mountains that you can see in the first photo.

In between working in the house and garden, I came inside and watched PBS cooking shows. I used to watch cooking shows a lot before I went to Cooking school. However, now that I have acquired a certain number of skills and am always on some sort of diet of late, I haven’t watched them in a long time. Martha Stewart is always great if not a little intimidating but the show I enjoyed the most and found the most inspiring was Sarah Moulton, a PBS regular. Her show was all about preparing creative food for a picnic. She demonstrated how to pack a salad in Mason Jars and making your own Beer bread for pulled chicken sandwiches. Then she showed how to pack your picnic. If you are trying to keep your food hot, use an insulated cooler and fill it about 1/4 full with boiling water then drain it. Line your cooler with newspaper and put the food that you have cooked in the pots you cooked it in right in the cooler. Make sure you secure the lid with a twisted rope you make out of plastic wrap. If you want to keep your food cold, freeze small drinking water bottles and then add them to the bottom of your cooler. Then when they unfreeze, you will have water to drink. Ingenious!! If you are carrying a pie to your picnic and don’t have a portable pie carrier, put it into a bamboo steamer.

So I had a very inspiring weekend and actually learned something from the TV. Now if I would only learn how to paint landscapes.

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