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At this time of year, travel is a double-edged sword. It’s busy/chaotic and weather-sensitive. For me, not inspiring.

Where I can be inspired is to travel through books. I recently read, “Behind the Beautiful Forevers,” which reminded me of my amazing trip in India. It made me want to jump on a plane and spend another 3+ weeks there, immersed in the people and culture of India.


Another book that I received as a gift from my daughter was, “The Travel Book.” I love looking at the pictures and all of the places I have yet to go.


When I travel, I like to read guides and novels about the places I’m about to see. For instance, when my children and I were on a road trip through the South, I reread and we all watched, “Gone With The Wind.” For my recent trip to Japan, I recalled the book,  “Memoirs of a Geisha.” Before traveling to India, in addition to reading Salman Rushdie’s, “Midnight’s Children,” I watched the recent films, “Water,” “Fire,” and “Earth.”


There are many, many examples of how travel writing and films enhance our experience before, during and after our travels. However, they cannot replace the actual experience. Truly, the travel would not be the same without the supplement, however the supplement would never suffice for the real thing. Let’s get out there and travel and see our world in 2015. Bon voyage!

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