Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year. The Wednesday before the holiday is the single most traveled day of the year, followed by the Sunday after as the second busiest travel day of the year. It is estimated that over 40 million people will travel by either road or plane over this holiday weekend. Glad I’m not one of them!

If you are traveling this Thanksgiving weekend, here are some tips to make things go more smoothly:

When going through airport security, speed up the process by wearing shoes that you can easily slip off and carrying all of your loose items in a small bag. This will also help you not leave anything behind.


Travel light if you can and use a carry on bag. If you’re concerned about your liquids and gels, transfer them into smaller containers and place saran wrap over the top of the bottles before you put on the lid. No spills!


Bring your own empty water bottle and fill it at a water fountain after passing through security. That will save you spending $5 on a water bottle and keep you hydrated.


Rolling up your clothes saves a lot of space in your bag. Get as much in there as you can. Use disposable shower caps from your hotels to wrap your shoes and keep them away from your clothes.


Bring your own EVERYTHING: food, entertainment, reading materials and everything you can think of so you can avoid paying 5x their normal cost at the airport. Store them cleverly on your electronic device – from guidebooks to audio books, games to movies to maps.


Get to the airport early. Get on the road early. And leave some extra time. Outside of that – put on your headphones and enjoy the ride.

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