Son Of A Gun

Why is it challenging to find a top-notch, reasonably affordable, quality seafood restaurant in LA? We live on the water, right ? It’s a strange phenomenon, however true. Well, one has been found (though there should be many more)! Son of A Gun by purveyors Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal fame, have a hit on their hands. An intimate, casual but purposeful restaurant, Son of a Gun packs a lot of punches.

Son of a Gun restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

The lobster roll above, is delicate but delicious. The lobster is fresh, but it is really the toasted brioche bun that makes it special. It’s a tiny two bites, and as soon as my husband and I finished one – I ordered another!

Son of a Gun restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

Another highlight is the braised octopus salad. Not only beautiful, the technique as well as steps involved in getting the octopus to a butter-like texture with a charred, smoky flavor help you realize that these guys are serious about their food. The pickled vegetables contrast in texture and acidity.

The other dishes we tried on this visit were very good, though not as memorable: Kennebec Fries with a malt vinegar aoli, Phantom Creek oysters on the half shell from British Columbia and and Ocean Trout Crudo. The IPA we shared was a perfect accompaniment.

Kennebec Fries with a malt vinegar aoli

Lunch reservations were taken for the day so we sat at the bar. We were fortunate enough to chat with the bartender/mixologist while he hand-carved ice for their specialty drinks. A practice they began only a few weeks before, the restaurant orders a block of ice – 200 to 300 pounds – that has been frozen over 3 to 4 days. This allows many of the oxygen bubbles to rise out of the top of the block and leave a crystal clear result. When carved, this ice melts slower than typical ice therefore creating less dilution in your drink. Talk about attention to the details! I highly recommend giving Son of a Gun a try.

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