As Fall is upon us and the weather starts to change, I think of all of the things I love about the changing seasons and moving from Spring/Summer into Fall/Winter. The changes in food: the type of food we eat (heartier, heavier) and the way it is prepared (slowly). The hunkering indoors over a fireplace vs the basking in the sun in our yard. The clothing that we wear: boots, sweaters, scarves and jackets instead of bathing suits and flip flops. Yes it is time for a change.

An activity that I absolutely love and really only do during this colder time of year is puzzles. I can’t really explain why I love them but I know I always have. I am puzzle OBSESSED.


Here is a Christmas puzzle I did last year. It was great fun and had many, many clues. I tend to do puzzles over the holidays when I don’t need to do a lot of other things because once I start a puzzle, I often cannot stop. I mean, CANNOT. I have been known to stay up all night trying to just find one more piece!

Here is another puzzle I did over a winter holiday break: The Last Supper painting by Leonardo Da Vinci that hangs in Milan, Italy. I have always wanted to see this famous painting but have not made it there yet. I was given this puzzle as a gift and it was a bit challenging as there are numerous large areas of single color with not much detail to work with.


Here’s a puzzle I did several years ago while staying in a vacation home in Lake Tahoe. It was the owner’s puzzle and our whole family pitched in to get it done before we had to leave!


This cupcake puzzle was fun and relatively easy, though the many pieces (usually 1,000 or 1,500, but sometimes 500) keep it challenging.


Usually once I have done a puzzle, I give it away to a friend or donate it so someone else can enjoy it. There are few puzzles I would do more than once. One that I do love and have done several times is this President’s Day Puzzle. It has all of the President’s (through a point in time) and their home states as well as some interesting moments in history.


I am looking forward to this Fall and Winter and puzzle season. For me, puzzles are not only fun and entertaining, they are challenging on an intellectual level. They are also calming and relaxing, almost meditative. They make great gifts for puzzle lovers and they are wonderful to pass on and share. If you haven’t tried once since you were very young and it had only a few pieces, I urge you to try again. Maybe you’ll love them as much as I do.

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