Pie In The Sky

While we were visiting Lone Pine this past week with my husband’s brother and his wife and eating dinner at one of the 3 best restaurants in town which just happens to be primarily Chinese food, the owner was sitting with us and telling us about this place called Pie in the Sky that he visited with his wife on the weekend. He said if you are going to visit Bishop, take a detour and go to this little place on the way to Tom’s Place that serves the most fantastic pies. He told us to get there early because at 11:30 they start selling whole pies and serving pieces of pie and there is a long line waiting to get their pie fix.  They sell pies until they are all sold out.

So we got Google directions and when we were driving to Bishop the next day, we turned off Highway 395 on Rock Creek Road and headed up the road. From Bishop you are going up to 9,700 feet for Pie in the Sky. We drove for about 4 miles and signaled to a passing car and asked where Pie in the Sky is and he told us just keep driving and its straight ahead. After 7 miles, the paved road ends and we were driving on a dirt road for another 3 miles. Finally we came to the Rock Creek Resorts and saw the hand written sign for the Pie in the Sky Cafe.



It was 2:30 when we arrived, a half hour before they close for lunch and not much of a line but the hand written sign for the pies they had for the day had 7 pies lined out and only one pie left. It was Cranberry Walnut.  So we ordered hamburgers for lunch and our pieces of pie and went outside on the deck and sat at one of the 4 picnic tables and waited for our name to be called on their intercom.  After a mediocre hamburger (the meat patty was frozen), we dove into our pie which was truly delicious.

I am not sure I would travel that distance again for pie but it was a good experience and an interesting discovery definitely off the beaten path.

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