I discovered Nudo when my oldest daughter gave me an olive tree adoption certificate for Christmas one year. It said that I would be receiving 3 bottles of olive oil from my adopted tree after the Spring harvest and it included a picture and story about my tree. I waited for months for my olive oil to come in the mail and right at the point when I was thinking my daughter had been duped, I received my 3 beautiful tins of fantastic Olive oil. I have since given Nudo as a gift to many of my foodie friends and I always get an enthusiastic response about what a great and unique gift it is.


The Founders

Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers set up Nudo in 2005 after buying and restoring an abandoned 21 acre olive grove in Italy’s Le Marche. Their love of the Italian countryside inspired their now famous adopt an olive tree program which allows people all over the world to adopt an Italian olive tree and receive its oil. The program involves a collaboration between a group of small scale, artisanal olive producers in Le Marche, Abruzzo and Sicily. Each olive farmer keeps responsibility for the care of their grove, and all the olive oil goes into the Nudo adoption program. In giving financial security to the olive farmers, the program makes viable the traditional farming methods which, quite simply,produce the world’s best olive oil.

A love of simple natural food is the starting point for all Nudo products. They are all made from 100% natural, high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Why use artificial preservatives when olive oil is one of the best preservatives there is – and the most delicious?. They also have a newsletter and blog that is interesting to read because it includes recipes and tips about uses for your olive oil. Your olive oil farmer will keep you informed about your adopted tree if you choose to renew your adoption beyond the initial harvest.

Recently I noticed that the company has branched out and is offering tea garden adoptions from India and coming soon honey beehive adoptions which is so cool. I am always looking for unique gifts for people and this one really delivers.

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