I didn’t grow up with dogs. I did have a cat and I loved that cat like there was no tomorrow. So when we lost my husband’s older two dogs that predated me and our children, and then several more years had passed, I had forgotten how important having a pet was.

Then one day, my youngest son convinced me to go with him to a local pet shop where he saw a puppy in the window. I knew it was a bad idea but I thought I was strong enough to just say no. “We’ll just look,” he said. WRONG.


This is my son’s face several days later when I surprised all three of our kids with our new puppy. And here is my daughter naturally holding him. Maternal instincts.



And here he is on day #1. Trying to get three kids to agree on a name is quite the challenge. In the interim I named him “Mochi.” Japanese for soft, sweet rice confection. It stuck.


Ever since, not a day has gone by that this little bundle of fur has not been loved to the greatest degree imaginable.


He has been dressed up in holiday costume, kimonos, fur coats, sweaters and the like. He has been the best sport through all of it.


He has been crated, play-penned, leashed, trained, walked and finally accepted as partially-trained but not trained well-enough dog. BUT LOVED.



These last two pictures really say it all. He is such an important family member. Especially to our youngest child who had his two older siblings leave for college six years before he was eligible. Mochi was his comrade in arms. The love knows no bounds.

Mochi, like me, is now middle-aged. In fact, just recently he surpassed me. He seems to be slowing down a bit and gave us a scare recently with a severe left limp. We worried about arthritis or something worse but were relieved when the vet thought it was not serious. I’ve never seen my youngest son so concerned.


Our sprite, feisty, sparky young pup is beginning to look a little more regal. More contemplative. More serene. He likes to sit by the fire. Sleep. Snuggle. Cuddle.


We’ve all gotten older, wiser and perhaps slower as well. But I realize how lucky we are, how much we’ve gotten from our little wonder ball of fur. So much wisdom, so much love, so much caring and nurturing. We would not be anywhere near the same people or family without him and we are so blessed and grateful for him coming into our lives.

We love you, Mochi.


  1. Diane Mercado says:

    Lauren – I shared your blog, then never joined it. I can be such a dope. This is just a lovely pet story and the pictures are more than a “1000 words.” I always liked the little fella, but I will now see him in a whole new light.


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