Love in Cold Storage


In a big city like L.A., it is rare to find someone like Harvey Gus. He is my butcher and I learned about him from one of my teachers in Culinary School. Harvey has been known throughout the culinary world as owning one of the best meat companies in Los Angeles. Harvey started working full-time for his father’s business, GUSS MEAT COMPANY and in 1966 his father retired and left the business to Harvey and his brother who became partners. Harvey took over the entire business in 1994 and focused on bringing back the “boutique” aspect of the meat company. He lives down the street from the company and works 4 days a week fulfilling orders that have been left on the phone and attending to walk-ins. Harvey is always there when I go in to pick up my order and in between answering phones and making sure deliveries are sent on their way, he personally cuts my meat or wraps up my order that was cut somewhere else. My orders usually consist of special cuts of meat, Willie Bird turkeys and veal stock bones (which are hard to find in grocery stores). Everything is outstanding quality and absolutely worth the extra expense of getting it from a butcher rather than the meat counter in a local market. When asked if he will ever retire, Harvey says he wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he did. For selfish reasons, I hope he never does because I love having my very own butcher.

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