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I love going to ethnic markets and wandering the aisles, discovering things I have never seen and trying to figure out what many of the products are. That’s entertainment for me. And, after traveling to India a few years ago with Raelene, I fell even more in love with Indian food. A fairly large selection of Indian products can be found at India Sweets and Spices in Glendale, California.


There are aisles of spices in all quantities available at this market. From the typical cumin, coriander and turmeric to asafetida and names I couldn’t pronounce. Dal (lentils) come in many colors and shapes. Interesting pickles and condiments line the shelves. There is a produce section and ample frozen items including pre-made Indian specialties like samosas and naan, as well as paneer and frozen Indian meals. There are cooking equipment items, personal products and even Bollywood movies.

Another feature of India Sweets and Spices is the sizable restaurant attached to the market. They feature both northern and southern Indian specialties but their curry combos are the most popular. While I was there they were serving 4 or 5 fresh curries, served with basmati rice, chapati and puri, a vegetable samosa and pickles.


My favorite find on my last visit to India Sweets & Spices was their snack counter. Delicious savory snacks were sold by the pound and the choices were inviting and varied. Because it was hard to choose, I ordered a little bit of 6 different snacks – from spicy cashews and peanuts to puffed cereals and fried dal and chickpeas, in various combinations and all with different spices. They were amazing and very different from any American-style snack.


If you like Indian food and have any interest in cooking it, this is a great market to get your supplies. And while there, check out the restaurant and especially the snacks. They are a great way to sample a variety of Indian treat combinations.

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