One of my favorite activities, that I do both home and away, is hiking. For me, hiking is like a peaceful meditation. My mind can wander or clear itself with the beautiful view and the sounds of nature.



When I’m home in Los Angeles, I like to hike in the Santa Monica mountains. The hike in Fryman Canyon is challenging and varied with a steep incline, a winding direction, views of the Valley from the top and a shady, tree-lined decline. It’s a perfect length of between 3 and 4 miles and takes about an hour, with the last quarter through a lovely neighborhood. You can completely forget that you live in an urban sprawl when you’re on this beautiful hike.


When I’m away from home, I like to find new places to hike by just wandering. It’s amazing what we have discovered just by following a trail on the side of a road. Here are some of our recent views in Mammoth Lakes, CA.










For me, hiking is a true inspiration. It’s good for me in every way – mind, body and spirit.




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