One of my favorite holidays has always been Halloween. It’s the only day of the year where you’re meant to dress up, be crazy and eat a bunch of candy. What’s not to like?

I must confess that this year I was going to quietly sneak through Halloween. No decorations, no special food, no candy. With one teenager left at home who is not a big fan of Halloween, I thought – why bother?

Then I went to a friend’s house last week for a book club meeting. As we sat around in different rooms, I noticed all of the Halloween and Fall decorative touches. Festive lights. Mini pumpkins. Candles. I realized that I missed Halloween.

So what if the kids didn’t really care if I decorated? So what if we really don’t get many trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood anymore? So what if it’s a holiday really meant for kids? I missed Halloween and decided to celebrate for me!


I cut way back on the decorating but put out a few of my favorite things. Looks better at night in the dark!


My son and I had a theme Halloween Dinner: Croaked Monsieur sandwiches (gruyere and black forest ham), BAT sandwiches (bacon, arugula and tomato) and GHOST sandwiches (goat cheese, herbs, olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, tapenade). Inspired by Martha Stewart and the first two were a hit.


If I were having a party, I would probably serve the kids orange soda and the adults – this Bloody Good Mary. It has 2 cups tomato juice, 3 T fresh lemon juice, 2 t fresh horseradish, 2 t Worcestershire sauce, 1 t coarse salt and hot sauce to taste. Delicious as is or can be spiced up with 1 oz vodka and served over ice (serves 4).


As I went through my bins of Halloween decorations, I noticed I had a number of cute little items that I really didn’t use anymore. I thought it would be fun to create a care package for my daughter and her roommate with some of these and a whole lot of candy. When they received it, they were thrilled. And THAT made my Halloween!!


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