Goa, India

After our too short tour of Mumbai, Lauren and I flew to Goa to spend 3 nights on the beach.  When we were planning our trip to India, we decided to visit  Southern Goa rather than the Northern part because we were told that Northern Goa was crowded and noisy and the South was more sedate.  Since we had spent the last two weeks touring large, crowded and noisy cities, we were looking forward to a peaceful few days sunning on the beach. Our only reservations were this leg of our trip was going to be without guides or driver so we were going to be totally on our own. But since we were staying in a cabin on the beach and the town was small and walkable, we thought it would be okay. Our flight was in the late afternoon out of Mumbai and by the time we arrived in Goa, retrieved our luggage and went outside to hail a taxi, it was dark. We gave the cab driver the address of our beach hotel and after about 45 minutes he told us we were here and he was dropping us off in a place that looked like an alley behind some houses. There was someone to greet us and guide us the rest of the way in the dark through back yards, stepping over pigs and other animals while we dragged our luggage through the dirt. We finally arrived at the beach hotel and were pleasantly surprised with the setting. The hotel had a lovely courtyard with beautiful garden paths leading to each cabana.
Goa-2Goa-1Our cabana was supposed to be set up with two beds but instead we got a Queen bed with mosquito netting and a large shower room but we were steps from the beach.


After a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant, we went to bed looking forward to our beach adventure. I remember the night being a sleepless one because of the many animal sounds we heard until the early morning hours. Something we were not used to during our previous two weeks in India.  The next morning we had a hearty breakfast and set up our place on the sand for some serious sun bathing, beer drinking and periodic swimming throughout the day in the Arabian Sea.


One day we went walking into town for some souvenir shopping and checking out the small quaint town of Southern Goa. All three days were pretty much the same, breakfast, sunbathing, lunch and deciding where to eat dinner either at the hotel or at another great restaurant on the beach.

Lauren and I had a relaxing and quiet time in Goa and the most remarkable thing we saw was a cow walking on the sand in front of us. That was pretty exciting.



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