Galleria Market


Los Angeles has the second largest Korean population outside of Korea. It makes sense that it also has some amazing Korean supermarkets. Galleria Market, located in Northridge, is one of the best I’ve come across.

Food Court

The first thing you notice when you enter Galleria Market is the Food Court. Different stalls entice you with their fare: sushi, tonkatsu, Korean barbecue, bulgogi, kalbi and other Korean specialties. Everything looks and smells delicious.


The Bakery 

French-inspired bakery, Tous Les Jours entices shoppers with beautifully baked and packaged patisseries and breads. They also have a selection of stunning cakes.








Korean Grocery Items

This large market is full of typical Korean grocery items including many versions of Kim Chee and pastes (Gochujang), sliced meats and fresh, mostly whole fish. There are many choices within the aisles of rice, noodles, snacks and produce.







Prepared Foods

A specialty in Korean cuisine are the prepared foods. Most Korean markets have a section dedicated to vegetables and salads that are prepared fresh and purchased self-serve and by the pound. From Jap Chae (Korean Glass Noodle Salad) to many pickled vegetables to small fermented fish, this Korean salad bar is as colorful as it is interesting.







Korean Culture and Food

Korean food is not as universally known as are many other cuisines in the United States, but the flavor profiles are bold and unique within the Asian culture. With a plethora of Korean restaurants in Los Angeles as well as a thriving population here, the opportunities to learn more about and experience Korean culture and cuisine abound.

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