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I recently referred a friend of mine who is a Nutritionist to my Sister who at the time was suffering from some severe health problems. The Nutritionist gave my Sister a Food Sensitivity Test or a Mediator Release Test (MRT) to determine if  her inflammation problems were due to something she was eating. I told her I would take the test as well even though I wasn’t really having any health issues. So this story is about my experiences with this kind of test and the ensuing elimination diet that follows.

The first step was to go to a licensed Phlebotomist to have my blood drawn and they sent the vials of drawn blood to the company that did the testing. After about two weeks, my Nutritionist friend let my Sister and I know the results of our tests.  Based on our individual results, my friend customized a diet for each of us that would allow our immune systems to rest, calm and support our bodies toward a transformative healing from symptoms such as: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Diarrhea/Constipation, GERD/Reflux, Migraines and a number of other conditions related to inflammation.



Even though I didn’t have any symptoms of inflammation, I decided to see how I felt being on the diet. For the first two weeks I was only allowed to eat the foods that I was least sensitive to, the idea being that any inflammation in your body would subside during that time and after that one food was added per week that was on the slightly sensitive list to see if any symptoms returned.  The diet continues until all foods on your sensitivity list are added back in to pinpoint the exact food that might be causing your symptoms.  My test results indicated that I was most sensitive to Scallops, Mustard and Blue Dye, so I was not allowed to add those items into my diet. The test also showed that I did not have a high sensitivity to Gluten products. It was not an easy diet to follow but I did it as prescribed for about 6 weeks and afterwards I did feel pretty good. My Sister followed it for a lot longer and her inflammation symptoms subsided dramatically.

If you are experiencing symptoms due to inflammation and are not having much luck with over the counter remedies, I would highly recommend contacting a Nutritionist and consider having a Food Sensitivity Test and being on an elimination diet.


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