Fixing Tech Mistakes


Since I am an iPhone and Mac user and spend a lot of time each day on both, I was so happy to discover these tips to undo my most frustrating tech mistakes.

How to Un-send an Email in Microsoft Outlook
While not as foolproof as Gmail, Outlook does allow you to recall messages that have previously been sent. You can either delete the message entirely (for those who haven’t already opened it) or replace it with an error-free email (typos, begone).

To enable Recall, go to “Navigation Pane,” then “Sent Items.” Open the message you want to recall or replace and on the “Actions” menu, click “Recall This Message.” Then “Delete Unread Copies of This Message.”

How to Un-send a Text on an iPhone
Though you can’t un-send a text once it’s gone out, you can stop one that’s in the process of being sent (i.e., the little gray bar is still loading). Here’s how to do it: Once you notice your flub, immediately put your phone on Airplane Mode. When the text fails to deliver, delete the message. (Warning: This only works for texts sent through iMessage and for texts that are sending particularly slowly.)

To enable Airplane Mode, go to “Settings,” then “Airplane Mode,” then switch to “On.”

How to Redo Typing on an iPhone
Accidentally erased something you just typed? To undo, just shake the phone. To redo, shake it again. Simple, huh?

How to Undo Typing on a Computer
Behold the powers of Ctrl-Z (Command-Z on a Mac). This genius keyboard shortcut deletes the last sentence you typed in one fell swoop.

How to Refresh a Tab in Your Browser
In a deep Google search and accidentally closed all of your tabs? No sweat. Hit Ctrl-Shift-T (Command-Shift-T on a Mac) and the pages will pop right up again. (This works for all browsers.)

How to Lighten or Darken Sections of a Photo on Your iPhone
Before you click the photo look at the picture in the frame and any place that is too dark hold your finger on for a second and it will lighten. Similarly if it is too light, hold your finger on the area you want a little darker.

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