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Every week Lauren and I share writing the posts for each category of our blog.  The Well Being and Inspiration categories seem to be the hardest for both of us to come up with each week.  The theme of Well Being is the things that go into having a good life.  Whatever that means for both of us.  So the focus of those posts will most likely be on family, friends, physical health, mental health, nutrition and fitness.  Both of us are in tune with these things as being important to having a good life.  I was thinking about what things inspire me and to be perfectly honest with you, I never really focused on it until I had the pressure of coming up with a topic for inspiration on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  So now I have tried to find things that inspire me everyday and I have started writing them down so I have an inventory of things to pull from.  Here is where I am finding my daily inspiration.

I read a lot so I will read an article in a book, newspaper or magazine and be inspired.

I am inspired by something I read on Social Media

I am inspired by something a friend, family or a complete stranger does.

I am inspired by a beautiful day at the Beach.

I am inspired by a great Pilates workout.

I am inspired by seeing my Pilates clients perfect a challenging Pilates exercise.

I am inspired by doing a perfect squat at Boot Camp.

I am inspired by a fabulous meal eaten at a restaurant or someone’s house.  It makes me want to go home and recreate it.

I am inspired by travel and learning about another culture.

I am inspired by my children and watching them become responsible and compassionate adults.

I am inspired by my life partner, his eternal optimism, love of family and energy in building new entities.

I am inspired by my dogs, a seven year old Pit Bull named Cher and a 2 year old Boston Terrier named Jack, who are such a source of entertainment for us now that we are empty nesters.

I am inspired by my friends who teach me something new everyday.


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