Emergency Room Visit

Emergency room entrance at the hospital

It finally happened after 27 years together, my husband had to take me to the Emergency room at UCLA at 4:00 in the morning.  I never get ill so it was a surprise to both of us that I complained of a pain so intense that I couldn’t sleep.  It was Sunday morning so it wasn’t something I could wait on until Monday to call my regular doctor.  While I was lying in the hospital bed waiting for the Emergency room Doctor to come in and tell me what the results were of my blood and urine tests, I started thinking how nice it was to have someone in my life who was willing to interrupt their sleep to drive me to the hospital.  My husband has had 4 major hospital stays, 3 of them I was pretty responsive in getting him to the hospital for but he never let’s me forget the one time he had a stomach ache and I let him drive himself to the hospital so I wouldn’t miss a Yoga class and his appendix burst while he was sitting in the waiting room.  I feel very guilty about that but how was I to know it wasn’t just something he ate.

Anyway with all the trials and tribulations of long term relationships, having someone to count on when you are at your most vulnerable is extremely comforting.  So I guess I would rather have that in my life than material things any day.  By the way my emergency room visit turned out not to be very serious but it was invaluable in testing the bind that ties me.

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