Egg Gadgets

I am not really a kitchen gadget person. My kitchen is already full enough without adding strange utensils or tools that serve only one purpose. However, there are a few gadgets in my kitchen that I stumbled upon at some point and now can’t live without.


This simple little silicone cup and spatula poach eggs. PERFECTLY. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love this gadget for two reasons: one – I poach an egg for my son for breakfast almost every morning because he can get a migraine if he doesn’t eat a hearty breakfast. Two – because learning to poach an egg in culinary school was challenging! Waiting until the temperature was just right and the bubbles were the right size, adding an acid to the water to coagulate the whites (vinegar), and swirling the water round and round before dropping the egg and HOPING it would turn out right if I pulled it out just at the right moment. Who needs THAT??? With this nifty gadget all I do is boil water, reduce to a simmer, spray the poacher with a little cooking spray, crack the egg into it and lower the cup into the water.








I cover the pot with a lid and turn on the timer for 5 minutes. Voila. Remove the cup from the water and you have a perfectly poached egg which I serve on toast with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I have used this a million times (it feels like!) and it works every time. In truth, you don’t really need the purple spatula as you can lift the cup out by hand but the two together make a cute gift.

Another egg gadget that I absolutely LOVE is my egg timer. How many times have you heard of the next error-free method of perfectly hard-boiling an egg? It seems like every chef has one but none have worked 100% for me. Do you boil the water first, put the eggs in and remove from the heat with a cover for 10 minutes? 12 minutes? Do you boil the eggs in water for 10 minutes? A little under and your yolks don’t set. A little over and your yolks turn green. YUCK!








Enter the egg-timer. A little gadget about the size of an egg, you place it in the pot with your eggs and bring your water to a simmer. Just like a mood ring (remember those?), the egg-timer will start to change color and will indicate where you egg is at any point in time. Want a soft egg? Stop cooking when the color line reaches “soft.” Same for medium and hard. This gadget works and I love it. No more guessing or ruining beautiful eggs for me! I tried to take a picture of the egg-timer changing color but the steam was too much for the camera. Sorry!

Now there is one egg-related technique that I have still not mastered: peeling eggs. The best method I have come up with so far is submersing the cooked eggs in an ice water bath for a few minutes. Then I crack the wide end of the egg where there is a pocket of air and roll the rest of the it on the counter to crack it all over. I then run it under warm water as I peel it. Complicated and it works only half the time. If you have a good method (or even a gadget), please share!

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