Delhi, India

When Raelene and I travelled to India together for three weeks, our first stop was in the capital city of Delhi in northwest India.

Our travel plans included hiring a driver for the first half of the trip and a guide in each city we visited. We were able to do this over the internet with a reputable tour company that was recommended by our hotel.

Not being ones to waste much time, we spent our first full day in Delhi with our guide, Poonam, visiting the most important sites. Our first stop was Qutub Tower, previously a Hindu Temple which was changed into a Muslim Shrine. The columns in the temple were beautifully carved.


 It did not take long before we saw an elephant walking down the street!


After visiting Humayun’s (the second Mughal King) Tomb, we stopped at the Presidential Palace of Sonia Ghandi. Monkeys were running around everywhere.


We drove by the India Gate, a memorial to 90,000 Indian and British soldiers in WW1.

We started the next day at the Mahatma Ghandi Memorial. This was Ghandi’s place of residence and last prayer before he was executed by a radical Hindu on January 30, 1948.


One of the highlights of our entire trip was the bicycle rickshaw ride through Old Dehli. The sights, the smells and the sounds were indescribable. It felt like an assault on all of your senses!



This was a great place to start off our trip in India, with such a diverse array of things to see, people to watch, foods to try, culture to absorb. With a population of 22 million people, there was never a dull moment in our experience of Delhi.



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