My Cooking Journey

Chef-pictureI learned to cook at my Aunt Grace’s direction. She was not a gourmand but a pretty good home cook. She loved to bake and she would let me bake my own pies. I remember eating very hearty meals for dinner like pot roast and fried chicken. When I was first married and had children, I liked to cook but didn’t really have the money or time to explore new kinds of cooking techniques and relied on what I had learned as a little girl from my Aunt. Later when my kids were older and I was working full time, our meals were convenience based. Something I could pull together in 30 minutes. It wasn’t until my husband and I became empty nesters and I quit work that I started collecting cookbooks, watching food channels and got inspired to become a better cook and learn more about food. I gravitated to ethnic cuisine and especially loved cooking Indian food. When Lauren and I decided to attend Culinary school, it was a dream come true. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the skills but I was so happy to go to class and learn how to cook things I had only watched someone else prepare. After school ended, Lauren and I toyed with the idea of opening a Gourmet takeout but soon realized that we couldn’t devote the time we needed to get something of that nature started and it would interfere with our dedicated retirement.  Lauren and I practice our cooking skills by getting together whenever we can to cook something out of our comfort zone.

Lauren & I

I also put my gourmet skills to use for my Family Night dinners and any social gatherings I have the opportunity to host. My husband and I are planning to start a Gourmet Hamburger spot in a community we have been making a lot of investments in lately which I will be blogging about in the future. I will detail every step of the process as we start putting the plan in motion to open the restaurant. So my cooking journey, while not exactly linear, continues.

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