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It was on a 7:40 am Southwest Airlines flight to Austin a couple of weeks ago that my Husband had a celebrity sighting. In the seat in front of us was a gentleman who was the spitting image of Bono from U2. He got out of his seat and walked to the back of the plane and that is when my Husband decided to follow him and get a picture taken with him. The guy was very friendly and graciously took two selfies with my Husband, in one of them they exchanged sunglasses.


The celebrity sighting was a lot of fun but it wasn’t very realistic that Bono was on a commercial flight at 7:40 am. So that prompted me to do some research about celebrity lookalikes.

That’s when I learned about Pavel Sfera who is an actor that makes a living impersonating Bono.
Born in Yugoslavia to Romanian parents, Sfera, 45, grew up in Hawthorne. He was 14 when U2 made its 1980 debut with the album “Boy,” and from then on, Sfera says fans of the Irish band did double takes at his uncanny resemblance to the band’s lead singer.

By 1987, when the album “Joshua Tree” made U2 worldwide superstars, he was hearing it more and more. Still, he had his own musical interests to pursue then. He played classical piano and studied opera. He worked as a singing gondolier, and he sang in a restaurant, taking requests from the dinner crowd.

Still, by 2001, he wasn’t singing much. He was working in property management and was a little bored. And when his beloved father died that year he examined his own life. Sfera wondered if perhaps the face his father and mother’s DNA had provided might, in turn, provide him with some excitement.

So he signed on with an agency that books celebrity impersonators. Pavel Sfera is probably the best Bono impersonator working in the industry today. He is available solo or with a U2 Tribute band, for all private and corporate events.

So the next time you think you are getting an autograph or picture taken with a celebrity, it may very well be an impersonator.


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