TruFit BootcampI know at some point in life we should be happy with how we look but my weight is always on my mind especially since I have gotten older. I weigh myself once a week and exercise for one hour 5-6 days a week. Adding to the challenge is losing the weight I gain every time my husband and I travel which is usually for 2-3 weeks a couple times a year. Since for me a big part of experiencing a culture is the food, I don’t censure my diet while traveling. So invariably I gain 5 lbs. during every trip. Last year and this year my husband and I took 3 major trips and Lauren and I traveled to India. Before I knew it I was 12 lbs. above my ideal. So when my daughter asked me to join her at a Bootcamp that her husband and she had been going to for a month, I thought sure, why not, my exercise routine could use a boost. I asked Lauren, who has also been struggling to lose a few lbs., to join with me for the introductory 2 week commitment and she agreed.

All we knew about TruFit Bootcamp was what we learned from their website. I understood their workouts were scheduled for one hour throughout the day 6 days a week and was in a Circuit Training format. I was familiar with this format from a Personal Trainer I worked with last year.

Lauren and I went to the 8:00 am class which is the one my daughter attends. Our first day we did 4 exercise rotations in each Circuit 4 times throughout the hour. The exercises were timed and consisted of cardio, weights, core and muscle strengthening to loud and robust music. Our trainers moved around the room correcting our form, showing us modifications if necessary and yelling praise and encouragement. I have never sweated so much during a workout. When it was over Lauren & I were kind of in a fog and both of us could not lift our arms above our heads. By the afternoon my whole body stiffened and the next morning I could barely walk. Lauren and I did manage to get ourselves to class the next morning which was a lot of cardio and running outdoors for a couple of miles. Again we went home and suffered the next day with sore muscles. My body and mind was really rebelling against this kind of exercise. I kept thinking that my former gym routine of 30 minutes on the treadmill and upper body and lower body weights for 30 minutes wasn’t so bad even though I didn’t feel it was effective anymore, however my daughter called me and encouraged me to stick with it.

The first week every morning I was getting ready for Bootcamp, I dreaded the workout. By the 2nd week, my attitude was changing and I started looking forward to the workout because I felt so good after it was over even though I pulled a muscle every day and was still sore but my body was getting firmer and my clothes were fitting better. At the end of two weeks, Lauren and I decided to sign up for the 1 year commitment which was the least expensive if you attended 6 days a week coming out to about $8.00 per workout which is fantastic for essentially private training and nutritional counseling. I’ve been doing Bootcamp for almost a year now and am beginning to feel and look pretty fit.
Not sure I can sustain this level of exercise over a long term period. So I am contemplating not signing up for another year and going back to my gym for an easy workout on the elliptical and my regular Pilates practice.

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