A Miraculous Journey

photo-3A very good friend of mine, Barbara Carole, recently wrote and published a book titled Twelve Stones: Notes on A Miraculous Journey  – A Memoir.  It is an inspiring account of her life and spiritual journey to becoming a Christian.  Now that in itself is not that remarkable, however Barbara was born a Jew.  She details all the events in her life some of them pretty gritty that influenced her decision to change her faith.  I was fascinated to read her story not only because I know her but because it is a good read and an honest and revealing account of my friend’s life much of which I did not know about.  Barbara and I met while I was working in the corporate world and we maintained a friendship after our lives transitioned into other areas.  She has always been a source of support for me and someone I have turned to for advice during troubled times in my life.  After reading her book, I had a deeper understanding of who my friend was and as a result, I felt much closer to her.  Even though we may not speak to each other that often, primarily because of geographic distance and family responsibilities, when we do connect, it feels like we just pick up where we last left off.  Below is a description of Twelve Stones which is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.  I hope you read it and are inspired as I am by my friend’s very interesting life.

Twelve Stones is the story of Barbara Ilaynia, a secular Jew who worships Art and Romance, who tries to unravel the meaning of existence and make every moment a masterpiece. She lives and loves with passion, though not always with wisdom, in Parisian garrets and in Moroccan villages, in the light of Southern France and in sunny California. While embracing the drama of life and inhaling the fragrance of flowers along her path, her search is sometimes misguided by intensity and misled by intellectualism. At the zenith of her quest, Barbara discovers something even more meaningful than truth: She encounters the Source of love. Her life changing confrontation with God transforms a strong willed, sensual, tough minded individualist . . . and then her real journey begins. This book is Barbara’s altar of remembrance, built from the stones she has pocketed along her winding path. She builds this altar to honor the God of miracles.


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