Beautiful Bounty

Beautiful-BountyMy youngest daughter and her husband recently bought a house with a large back yard. She mentioned that she was going to be putting in a garden and start growing vegetables. I thought to myself that’s nice and fully expected her growing results to be similar to mine. Pretty much a brown thumb. It usually costs me more to try to grow something in my garden than it would to by the most pristine, organic vegetables I can find. So when my daughter asked if she could bring anything for Family Night, I told her some of her homegrown vegetables would be good. I had some veges in the crisper just in case what she brought was not very appealing. I was blown away by the beautiful veges she brought. So much so I had to take a photo of them and brag about them on our blog. I decided to chop them up and use them in a simple stir fry with some red onions and serve her beautiful bounty in a way that everyone could see what the veges were that they were eating.

I discovered that my Daughter, (unlike her Mother), inherited a farmer gene (both sets of her maternal grandparents were farmers) and a green thumb. Her vegetables were not only beautiful but delicious.

Briennes-garden1 Garden-2









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