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In some of my previous posts, I mentioned that my husband and I were thinking of opening up a Texas BBQ restaurant in Lone Pine. Well, we are moving forward with our plans and one of the first steps in the process is the purchase of a commercial grade smoker for residential use so I can practice smoking meats and getting our meat recipes perfected. As you can see my smoker is gorgeous. I can smoke six 12-15 lb. briskets or smoke different meats at once for different amounts of time.



In addition to the meats, Lauren and I will be working on perfecting the side dishes. Our BBQ restaurant will have Texas style meats but we must have California sides. So for the next couple of months, we will be testing recipes for Mac and Cheese, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, BBQ beans and corn bread. Not sure how we are going to minimize our weight gain from this venture but we will try.

There is another inspirational development in our plans that came about from our Austin BBQ crawl a couple of months ago. Mike who lives in Lone Pine and will be our Pit master for the restaurant, contacted Wayne Mueller of Louis Mueller BBQ in Taylor, Texas and asked him if it would be possible to spend some time interning with him to learn how to properly smoke meat. Wayne was very receptive and told him it would probably take about 4 months to become proficient at it and he would definitely take the time to teach him. This is a major coup in our learning curve about cooking Texas BBQ because Louis Mueller BBQ is one of the preeminent
BBQ places in the country. We are going to ship one of the Commercial Smokers we are purchasing for the restaurant to Taylor, Texas so that Mike can learn on that equipment under the expert tutelage of Wayne Mueller. So with Mike’s BBQ education, my meat smoking practice and Lauren’s and my perfection of our side dishes, we should be ready to open the restaurant in early summer.

Having said that, Lauren and I have made the decision to take a short break from writing posts for the blog so we can concentrate on the restaurant needs and also continue to improve the design of our blog to make it more appealing to our readers. So please check back with us in a few months, when Lauren and I will have more cooking, travel and discovery posts to share.

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