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    We spent four magical days in a tropical paradise


    A beautiful and interesting country to visit

    Kauai, Hawaii

    Kauai: The Garden Isle

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    48 Hours in Madrid

    Madrid, a city of good food and culture

    Planning An African Safari

    Tips for planning an African safari

    Winter Foodie Tour of NYC

    NYC. Foodie Tour. Winter. Yum!

    Thanksgiving Travel

    Tips for the busiest travel days of the year

    Barcelona, Spain

    One of the most fun cities in Spain

    Austin BBQ Crawl

    Our research on the best BBQ

    The Desert, CA

    When the weather starts to turn colder, a favorite place to go for a long weekend is “The Desert”. Located about two hours east of Los Angeles, the Desert communities include Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta and Indian Wells among others. The Desert’s popularity is largely due to its temperate and dry […]

    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    One of our favorite places to visit for a long weekend is Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is unlike anywhere else we have been to in this country. Santa Fe has a unique style and charm. You cannot get very far without seeing these beautiful chile ristras. The southwestern architecture is unique and the gardens […]


    Our vacation last year to Portugal began with a stop in London for a couple of days to see friends. We stayed in the Knightsbridge area of London at the Rembrandt Hotel which was by London standards a pretty good deal in that the rooms are generously sized and a substantial breakfast is included. It […]


    We had some extra airline mileage that we needed to use or lose, so we decided to go to Canada since I had never been and my husband hadn’t been since he was a young child. We flew to Toronto, stayed a couple of nights and then took a six hour train ride to Montreal. […]

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    What can I say about Honolulu, Hawaii? So many things. I was born here and lived here my earliest years. Once we moved to California, I visited every summer. I feel like a native and this is my home. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. And the ALOHA spirit is real. […]

    Mammoth Lakes, California

    Have you ever been to Mammoth, California? I suspect many of you will say no. Why? Well, access may be one reason. It’s not that easy to get to. But it’s also not that hard to get to. You’ve heard of it but don’t know much about it? Fair enough. I’ll tell you what I […]


    We traveled to Portugal last September, hoping to miss the usual European tourists that travel throughout the month of August. Other than being a European country, I didn’t know that much about Portugal but had heard from the few friends of mine who have traveled there that it is a beautiful country. My husband and […]

    Sailing in the Caribbean

    It had been more than 20 years since my husband and I had gone sailing in the Caribbean. So I was very excited about our sailing trip this Summer, even though I usually experience severe seasickness. We planned our trip with another couple we had sailed with 20 years ago who now had two children […]

    Aspen, Colorado

    Traveling is one of our favorite family activities. And while we love the adventure of traveling around the world, there are also many majestic sites to visit here in our own country. With this in mind, by the time my youngest child was 11 and my oldest was 18 (2009), all 5 members of our […]


    This summer I traveled to Japan with my family for 10 days. Although I am half Japanese in heritage and my children are one quarter Japanese, this was the first trip for us. We really didn’t know what to expect. We split our time between Tokyo and Kyoto, two very different cities. Tokyo has the […]

    Cochin and Kerala, India

    The last leg of our trip to India was Cochin and Kerala. Cochin is a lovely port city on the West coast of India. It was once a major spice trading centre and the place Lauren and I were looking forward to buying spices to bring home especially black cardamom which can be very expensive […]

    Goa, India

    After our too short tour of Mumbai, Lauren and I flew to Goa to spend 3 nights on the beach.  When we were planning our trip to India, we decided to visit  Southern Goa rather than the Northern part because we were told that Northern Goa was crowded and noisy and the South was more sedate. […]

    Vietnam #2

    Over 3,000 stunning limestone and dolomite rock formations jut from the waters of Halong Bay, a World Heritage Site about four hours outside of Hanoi. This area of over 1,500 square kilometers literally takes your breath away when you first see it, though you have likely seen pictures of it many times before. The scale, […]

    Vietnam #1

    Asia. This is my first trip and I am a little apprehensive. Usually when I travel, I try to learn some basic phrases in the native language to be more helpful in getting around. Vietnamese? I tried and believe me, it’s not easy. So, I am half Japanese by heritage and we will be going […]


    My husband and I had to go to Oregon for a Memorial of a friend of ours who passed away in December.  We decided to make it a mini vacation and visit Portland for about 5 days and then drive down to the Memorial which was in Williams, Oregon.  Neither of us had ever been […]

    Mumbai, India

      When Lauren and I were planning our trip to India, Mumbai was a question mark.  We weren’t sure we had enough time to include Mumbai into our trip or that there was much to see.  We are so glad we ended up including it into our itinerary because Mumbai was fantastic.  We had not […]

    San Francisco

    Everyone LOVES San Francisco. I am not biased, but I am. To come clean, I am originally from Hawaii, but I grew up in the Bay Area. San Francisco, and specifically Marin County is where I spent most of my growing-up years. And although I am fiercely loyal now to LA, there will always be […]

    Jodhpur and Udaipur

    Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan and is known as “The Blue City” due to the blue painted houses around the Mehrangarh Fort. This Fort which sits atop a massive hill overlooking the city is the largest Fort in all of Rajasthan. Inside is the Maharajah’s Palace, several temples and a garden. The […]

    Jaipur, India

    After a fantastic day at the Taj Mahal, Lauren and I left Agra the next morning with our driver Balram for the four hour drive to Jaipur, the Pink City and our first stop in the Rajasthani region of India.  Along the way, our driver asked if we were interested in visiting an ancient Baori […]

    Taj Mahal

    After spending a few days in Delhi, Lauren and I had arranged to take the train from Delhi to Agra where we were going to spend one night and visit the Taj Mahal the next morning.   We actually bought our train tickets on the Internet.  We selected our seats and ordered our breakfast all […]

    Delhi, India

    When Raelene and I travelled to India together for three weeks, our first stop was in the capital city of Delhi in northwest India. Our travel plans included hiring a driver for the first half of the trip and a guide in each city we visited. We were able to do this over the internet […]

    The Unlikely Vacation: Part 2

    The genesis of this spontaneous vacation came from …. COSTCO. Yes, Costco! Well, it was actually from a book that I saw in Costco when I was perusing their book aisle and found Frommer’s, “Californina Day by Day” guidebook. As I was flipping through the pages, an entry caught my attention: Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Complex: 18 […]

    The Unlikely Vacation: Part 1

    Here I sit, Day Four about to unfold. It is 6:21 am. Yes, 6:21 am. And I am in the bathroom of our Best Western hotel room, typing away. Oh, and I have been up since about 4 am. This brings back so many memories of sitting in random hotel bathrooms or hallways at wee-hours, […]

    Let’s Go To India

    Recent Travels
    Let’s Go To India Posted in Recent Travels on 4/21/13

    Cooking in India

    Lauren and I wanted our trip to India to include learning about the regional cuisine of India. We attempted to book cooking classes online that were found in travel books and Google searches. We also inquired at some of our hotels if it was possible to observe some of their chefs. The Claridges Hotel in Delhi was receptive […]

    Grand Canyon

    It was not a pretty picture when I came home from our week long adventure to the Grand Canyon. My husband planned this trip as one of his lifelong dreams to hike down the Grand Canyon and boat out on the Colorado River. I thought it would be fun but didn’t really grasp the details […]

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