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  • So Many Restaurants, So Little Time

    In Los Angeles, this has never been more true!


    A wonderful restaurant that has retained its’ charm over many years

    Donabe Cookware

    Donabe cookware from Japan that makes the best rice you have ever had


    A cool gift that everyone loves

    Vallarta Market

    An exceptional resource for your Hispanic cooking needs

    Galleria Market

    A robust Korean market, here in Los Angeles

    Celebrity Sighting

    Your celebrity autograph or photograph may be fake

    Epicure Imports

    The place Francophiles shop for gourmet items

    Preserved Lemons

    The culinary gift to the world from Morocco

    India Sweets & Spices

    I love going to ethnic markets and wandering the aisles, discovering things I have never seen and trying to figure out what many of the products are. That’s entertainment for me. And, after traveling to India a few years ago with Raelene, I fell even more in love with Indian food. A fairly large selection […]

    Let’s Do Lunch

    During one of my regular Museum Thursdays that I do with a girlfriend once a month, we recently had lunch at a farm to fork restaurant called Moreton Fig which is located on the campus of USC. It has a lovely patio that is canopied by USC’s historic Moreton Bay Fig Trees and their menu […]

    Chicken Poop Bingo

    While we were traveling in Austin during our BBQ crawl, which I will be writing about in my next Travelogue post, we discovered a quirky bar game called Chicken Shit Bingo, in polite company it is called Chicken Poop Bingo. Its origin is thought have started in New Orleans in the 1980s and has become very […]

    Egg Gadgets

    I am not really a kitchen gadget person. My kitchen is already full enough without adding strange utensils or tools that serve only one purpose. However, there are a few gadgets in my kitchen that I stumbled upon at some point and now can’t live without. This simple little silicone cup and spatula poach eggs. […]

    Little Saigon

    Little Saigon in Orange County, California is the oldest and largest Vietnamese community in the United States. There are 189,000 Vietnamese inhabitants in Little Saigon and 368,000 in the greater Southern California area. Little Saigon includes the towns of Westminster and Garden Grove. The main street of activity in Little Saigon is Bolsa Avenue. For […]

    Beautiful Bounty

    My youngest daughter and her husband recently bought a house with a large back yard. She mentioned that she was going to be putting in a garden and start growing vegetables. I thought to myself that’s nice and fully expected her growing results to be similar to mine. Pretty much a brown thumb. It usually […]

    Fixing Tech Mistakes

    Since I am an iPhone and Mac user and spend a lot of time each day on both, I was so happy to discover these tips to undo my most frustrating tech mistakes. How to Un-send an Email in Microsoft Outlook While not as foolproof as Gmail, Outlook does allow you to recall messages that […]

    Din Tai Fung

    Din Tai Fung is a global restaurant empire specializing in authentic Chinese steamed soup dumplings. Open in Glendale, CA in the Fall of 2013, Din Tai Fung has had anxious diners lining up daily before opening time to relish the delectable packages of goodness. And it’s no wonder. The dumplings are perfectly balanced in pork […]

    Mission Chinese Restaurant: San Francisco

    I have been wanting to try this restaurant for as long as I can remember! Finally a visit to SF and I’m not missing it …. Got there around 5:30 pm because I have heard about lines but absolutely no problem getting a table in this fairly small, quaintly tacky venue. As you probably know, […]


    I have been trying to get a reservation at Bestia since the beginning of the year. Finally they must have had a cancellation and I was able to reserve a table for 4 at a reasonable time on a recent Friday evening when my Husband’s Brother and wife were visiting. I was so excited to […]

    A Blog to Tell Your Friends About

    I wanted to share with you this great new website/blog that I get daily feeds from. It is called PureWow. Here is how they describe themselves. PureWow is a digital publication dedicated to finding ways to make your life more interesting, beautiful and manageable. Our motto, “Elevate the Everyday,” drives us to deliver irresistible discoveries […]

    Valley Produce Market

    Valley Produce Market, located in Reseda, CA (northern Los Angeles) is not for the faint-hearted. But for those who are brave and a little bit tough, it can be a find. The product base is vast but specializes in Middle-Eastern foods. There is also a decent amount of Indian staples as well, along with some […]

    The Iliad

    One of my favorite places to go shopping is … no, not Bloomingdales … not the mall … it’s used book stores. And a very good one in my part of town is The Iliad. The Iliad is located on the corner of Chandler and Cahuenga Blvd in North Hollywood. It has been in this […]

    Pie In The Sky

    While we were visiting Lone Pine this past week with my husband’s brother and his wife and eating dinner at one of the 3 best restaurants in town which just happens to be primarily Chinese food, the owner was sitting with us and telling us about this place called Pie in the Sky that he […]


      For my husband’s Birthday dinner, my daughter made reservations at a Jamaican restaurant in North Hollywood.  Coley’s has been around for 25 years.  It is family owned and the owners are the cooks and hosts.  The dinner menu is big with many chicken and fish entrees.  Our first course was a Red Bean soup […]

    Nijiya Japanese Market

    Nijiya Market is my favorite Japanese market in my area. I drive up to 30 minutes each way to my closest branch located on Sawtelle Blvd in West LA. There are additional stores in both Southern and Northern California, Hawaii and New York. They carry quality fresh sushi and bento lunches of great variety for […]

    Fishing With Dynamite

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m always on the lookout for a great reasonably-priced seafood restaurant. The mind-boggling question still goes unanswered: why aren’t these easy to find in Los Angeles? Well, here’s a recently added restaurant that I’ve tried two times and loved on both occasions: Fishing With Dynamite. Crazy name, yes. But […]

    Who’s Behind Those Warby Parkers?

      I was never an expensive sunglasses kind of gal until my daughter gave me a gift certificate for Warby Parker.  They are an eyewear company originating in New York with a fantastic customer focus and website.  You can order 5 different styles of glasses or sunglasses to try on and they will send them, […]


    It’s been more than 16 years since I ate at Marouch in Hollywood.  Considered by many to be the finest Lebanese restaurant in Los Angeles, it has a Zagat rating of 29 out of 30 and is on Jonathan Gold’s, from Los Angeles Weekly, list of 99 Essential Restaurants in Los Angeles.  I took Lauren […]

    The Japanese Garden

    The Japanese Garden is a 6 1/2 acre authentic Japanese Garden in Van Nuys, CA. It was designed by Dr. Koichi Kawana, a native of Hokkaido, Japan and designer of more than a dozen Japanese gardens in the United States. He also taught Japanese architecture and landscape design at UCLA. The Japanese Garden is designed […]


    I have a little secret. Well, some people know about it, but not many. I have no idea why. Bashan. It’s an intimate, casual fine dining restaurant in the hills of Glendale, just around the corner from Montrose. Although I’m fairly active on Yelp, foodie sites and publications, we heard about it from a friend. […]

    Ethnic Markets

    I love cooking international food.  For dinner tonight we had Chinese Kung Pao Shrimp and a very French dessert of Caramelized Pears.  When we go out to dinner we usually go to an ethnic restaurant.  We are lucky to live in an ethnically diverse city like Los Angeles where we could eat food from a […]


    It had been about 15 years since I visited Grand Central Market (GCM) in downtown Los Angeles. The last time I went was during lunchtime and I had to leave without lunch because the smell of food was so unpleasantly overpowering. Over the last year, new owners have made a concerted effort to revamp the […]

    Auntie Em’s Kitchen: Eagle Rock

    I go weak for local, organic, sustainable, farm-to-table food. Stuff that tastes like it was made by your Auntie before all of the food-industrialization-thing happened (don’t get me started on that topic!) So, whenever I get a chance – I stop by Auntie Em’s for lunch. Here is my husband’s vegetable quiche with curried pumpkin […]

    Son Of A Gun

    Notable Finds
    Son Of A Gun Posted in Notable Finds on 10/18/12

    Sundays @ the Farmer’s Market

    Just about every Sunday morning, I head to my local Farmer’s Market in Studio City, CA. Here’s what it looks like when I arrive – if I get there early (before 10 am!) and it’s not too crowded yet …… It’s usually a beautiful day, and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to buy […]

    Love in Cold Storage

    In a big city like L.A., it is rare to find someone like Harvey Gus. He is my butcher and I learned about him from one of my teachers in Culinary School. Harvey has been known throughout the culinary world as owning one of the best meat companies in Los Angeles. Harvey started working full-time […]

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