An Anti-Aging Secret


I have a beauty secret. It is something I have been doing for about 20 years now and I am convinced it is one of the major reasons I look younger than my age. It is facials. I started getting facials when a girlfriend mentioned that she was getting them and her skin was and still is like peaches and cream. She referred me to her facialist who was an older man that was retired from working in the movie industry and was giving facials out of his home. I went to him for about 6 years until he retired again and moved away. Then I was referred to another aesthetician by my hairdresser and was diligent about going to her every 8 weeks until she decided to go out of the business and concentrate on doing only makeup.

I felt a little lost and went about trying to find another facialist for about three months and after trying different ones, found Camille at Skin Addiks in Studio City.


Although Camille never pushes products or therapies on her clients, I have found as I have gotten older that my skin is needing some additional attention. So I have started going to her every four weeks rather than spreading it out to eight weeks and have undergone some more intense facial therapies. I find it to be a more pleasurable alternative and a lot less expensive to going under the knife for cosmetic surgery. Besides I believe once you start experimenting with expensive injections and surgery it is addictive and a slippery slope.

I never have been someone who has been diligent about getting manicures or other personal care procedures other than getting a hair cut and color every six weeks. But facials are something I swear by and will continue until maybe I get to an age that I won’t care anymore what my face looks like.

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