5 Things I Like To Freeze



I love to freeze food to prolong their shelf life.   My husband is always complaining that my freezers that I just keep adding to the freezer rather than take stuff out.   I don’t really buy a lot of frozen food and I have recently stopped buying a lot of meat or fish to freeze because I prefer it fresh.  Five of my favorite things to freeze are:

Bananas – I eat a banana a day and usually buy a bunch a week.  However if the weather is extremely hot or I don’t get to eat them right away, they start to ripen really fast.  Rather than throw them out, I stick them in the freezer.  Then when I have a lot and I feel like baking, I will make a big batch of banana bread.  Or I will stick a frozen banana in a smoothie drink in lieu of ice.

Beans - I learned this in Cooking school.  Rather than use canned beans, boil up a package of dry beans and when cooled, stick them in an airtight container and put them in the freezer.  Then when you want to make some hummus, or throw some in a salad or make a quick batch of Chili, you only have to thaw and voila, your good to go.

Nuts – Because I buy nuts in bulk and they can go rancid on the shelf, I extend their life by sticking them in the freezer.  I am sure there is a recommended timeframe for them to stay frozen but honestly, I never date them and have never had a nut go bad this way.

Butter – I learned this from America’s Test Kitchen.  Evidently butter is prone to pick up smells in your fridge.  When I bring butter home from the store it goes into my freezer and I only use what I need while the rest stays frozen.

Wine -  A good way to save leftover red or white wine is to pour the leftover wine into ice cube trays and freeze.  When the cubes are solid put them into an airtight plastic bag.  Then when a recipe calls for a small amount of wine just plop in as many wine cubes that are necessary.

Other things I like to freeze are flour, homemade pesto (which I make when I have a lot of greens and herbs that will go bad soon), lemon and lime juice and their zest, homemade stock and grated cheese.





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